BLELB400 Elinchrom Cage Accessory Breakdown

Posted by Tony Papa on 11/22/2016 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES
 BLELB400 Elinchrom Cage Accessory Breakdown
At ProMediaGear we take a great product and make amazing, practical, useful and affordable accessories to compliment the package. The strap on the pack slung over my shoulder on a trail works but bounces around a bit more than my liking so I was able to throw it into my Think Tank Backpack when loading out on a short location hike. I liked the overall size / weight / power ratio of the complete system. Once on location I’m always fearful of where to put the pack? Do I gently hang the strap over the light stand or test the manufacturer recommendation of “dust and water resistant” statements? I can’t have a failure in the field when money is on the line and sometimes the locations are a bit remote and dirty. Our team of engineers and mad scientists labored over a rigid aluminum cage that would not only fit the sleek Swiss styling’s and compliment the pack but it must also add the least amount of weight possible, connect with ease and give field necessary functionality. The ProMediaGear BLELB400 Aluminum Cage was born.

The cage slides over the top of the ELB400 packs outer soft plastic gasket. With 2 simple machined pivots the cage is anchored into the original Elinchrom strap eyelet holes. We replaced the strap connection area with a similar loop so you can still carry the unit with ease using the Elinchrom strap. After you tighten down the 2 screws you are all set to take advantage of the BLELB400 Cage features. The cage offers 2 handles large enough for adult sized hands to quickly grab the pack securely and get it where you want it. It features (1) 5/8” Light Spigot holder that mounts to (4) mounting spaces on the pack. The adapter instantly gives you the ability to mount your head onto the pack for convenient carry access, an instant kicker or background light stand, or a useful storage solution. On the side of the cage we offer many accessory options by placing multiple 1/4-20 threaded adapter holes into the sides. The 2 most useful accessories are the BLH1 and BLH2 light stand adapters. The BLH2 mounts directly to any tube or stand 19mm – 42mm in diameter. The adapter features a ¼-20 threaded screw with knurled knob that quickly and rigidly locks onto the pack. This will allow you to mount the pack firmly to a monopod and create a lollypop style apparatus that is strong and locked down. Another option is to mount the pack onto a light stand to keep the unit off the elements and securely on the stand. When you want to grab and adjust the light it’s secure and you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

The BLH1 mounts directly to any tube or stand 19mm – 42mm in diameter similar to the BLH2 but that’s where the similarities end. Once connected to your light stand, the power pack hangs off a small sphere, included with the BLH2, that is mounted to the cage and rests in a bowl on the adapter. The pack isn’t locked in but still rests off the ground on its platform and acts as a weight on your stand. When you’re ready to move just grab and go, it’s that simple. The sphere also can lock into our SH1 Belt Holster, which can either be locked or not locked down, and allows you to carry the pack on your hip or back side to make the pack portable enough for direct on camera use. The SH1 will work on any belt up to 2” in width. Check out the in-use photos below for better understanding.

The SH1 pairs well with our Award Winning Boomerang Flash Bracket BBX / BBGv2 Line-up. The Boomerang is a modular, machined aluminum flash bracket with locking detent pins that allows the flash head to be positioned in optimal shooting angles. This will assist in eliminating and reducing red eye as well as allow you to quickly adjust form vertical to horizontal and create proper shadows by keeping the flash above the lens at all times. The top of the Boomerang is designed to mount many optional accessories and lights on the market today from Speed Lights to Portable Strobes such as the Elinchrom ELB400. To mount the light head, you only need 1 additional accessory mount, the BLSA 5/8” adapter. This will get screwed onto the Boomerangs bracket plate and allow the light to get mounted directly. For more flexibility, to get the light higher and also use small soft box light modifiers PMG manufactures the BLSA5A and BLSA5S adapters. The adapters are 5” tall 5/8” studs machined out of aluminum and stainless steel.

Finally, to round out the adapters we offer 2 rosettes, BLS1 and BLS2. The machined knurled rosettes allow you to mount the 5/8” adapter of your choice to the top and add the convenience of being able to rock the weight backwards over the camera more for better balance and lessen finger fatigue. Offsetting the weight just a few inches makes a tremendous deference when shooting a wedding or long event. The BLS1 has to be quickly disassembled to add the 5/8” adapter while the BLS2 offers a quick knurled knob that allows the 5/8” adapter to be mounted without an additional step.

All ProMediaGear products are machined in the USA in our factory outside Chicago, IL.
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