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About us

ProMediaGear – a family owned company created by three brothers Tom, Matt and Dariusz Fudala who received engineering degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago. PMG designs and manufactures products in the United States using the finest materials and machining capabilities with the highest attention to detail. 

Matt and Tom have over 25 years of photography and videography experience and have provided services for multiple private customers, corporations, local businesses and stock image sites. His passion for flawless engineering and functional design skills translate into the products we see today.

With his MBA in Business, Dariusz meticulously designs and tests prototype PMG equipment with his strict business acumen and keen eye. He holds a tight grip on the company making sure PMG meets and exceeds its milestones and deadlines.

It all started with a flash bracket 

Tom and Matt always wanted a great flash bracket to eliminate shadows while shooting events. They couldn't find a bracket that fit their needs, wouldn’t twist or become loose while shooting and also be lightweight and comfortable to use for 12-16 hours at a time. It so happened that at that time Matt and Dariusz started a successful machine shop. The machine shop provided the tools necessary to build what Tom and Matt had always dreamed, a prototype. 

With great interest from local photographers this was an awesome opportunity to mass market their ideas. Reading through this catalog you can see how much further one idea has taken them. 

ProMediaGear, Makers of Fine Photography Gear

If professional photography is your passion then you know that when you make an investment in new equipment it needs to perform well in the field. In 2009, ProMediaGear was established to take on these challenges and provide photographers with fresh new gear, bold designs, unsurpassed quality and iconic products.

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