Boomerang Flash Bracket BBGv2 / BBX Differences

Posted by Tony Papa on 3/9/2017 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES
Boomerang Flash Bracket BBGv2 / BBX Differences
The Boomerang Flash Bracket Series is great for wedding and event photographers as well as customers utilizing the powerful Profoto B2 and Elinchrom Quadra light units.


The Boomerang Flash Bracket is built around our Modular Arca-Type Bracket Plate System (PBX3 or Custom Bracket Plates). It allows you to quickly flip your camera from horizontal (landscape) to vertical (portrait) by quickly depressing the lever, release the locking pin from the titanium rotation mount and allowing the arm to swing freely into the next position. The Boomerang Flash Brackets come complete with (1) CS2 cold shoe. The bracket is manufactured out of high strength T6061 aluminum in our facility outside Chicago, IL.

What’s the difference between the BBX and BBGv2?

The BBGv2 (G for Grip) is designed specifically for taller bodies or cameras with grip. The Bracket Plate conveniently stays on the camera at all times and the arm mechanism is able to disconnect by the thumbwheel when not in use. The BBGv2 features an ARC that allows your hand to comfortably slide into for easy access to the vertical control trigger button. The BBGv2 will NOT work on standard sized DSLRs because the lens will hit the arc on the Boomerang Rotation Bracket.

The BBX is our Universal Flash Bracket that will fit standard DSLR’s and is ADJUSTABLE to fit taller bodies and bodies with grip. The BBX is built around the Arca-Type Bracket Plate system however disconnects in the rear with a knob rather than a thumbwheel. This bracket is perfect for someone who is constantly changing from a grip to non grip or Canon to Nikon or Sony etc…

The only notable disadvantage of the BBX is that when you have a taller bodied camera the release knob will be in the webbing of your thumb and your first finger when trying to utilize the grip trigger button. To many this is a non issue, to others it’s a reason to purchase the BBGv2.

The Boomerang Flash Bracket is one of our most popular items. We also have a left hand model available too, #BBXL! This is great for customer who have a shooting style where they drop his/her right elbow down when shooting vertical shots. Two brackets may also be combined onto the same bracket plate to make a double boomerang!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information. ~ Happy Shooting (BBX video) (BBGv2 video)

PDF Flyer (Download / Print and Share)


• Universal, for any camera.

• Height adjustable flash arm.

• Quick release system from PMG Bracket Plate. (on back)

• Compatible with PMG accessories.

• Convenient battery access.


• Specifically designed for cameras with optional or build in battery grip.

• Convenient access to vertical grip trigger buttons

• Quick release system from PMG Bracket Plate. (on side with thumb wheel)

• Compatible with PMG accessories.

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