OCF Mounting Options for the Boomerang Flash Bracket

Posted by Tony on 3/27/2018 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES

Mounting an external OCF (off camera flash) to the Boomerang Flash Bracket is very simple and easy to accomplish. ProMediaGear offers multiple options to adapt to various shooting situation.


1)    Basic Mounting

a.     #BLSA (Boomerang Light Stud Adapter) is a 5/8” inch adapter mount featuring anti-rotation flats to keep the light head from twisting while on the Boomerang. The adapter has ¼-20 threads underneath that allow the adapter to get mounted onto the flash plate of the Boomerang. This is all you require to get shooting.


2)    Basic Mounting w/ Modifiers

a.     #BLSA5A / #BLSA5S (Boomerang Light Stud Adapter 5” inch) is a 5” inch tall 5/8” adapter mount manufactured out of “A” Aluminum or “S” Stainless Steel. The units are designed with anti-rotation flats to keep the light head from twisting while on the Boomerang. The adapters have ¼-20 threads underneath that allow the adapters to get mounted onto the flash plate of the Boomerang. The added height will raise the light and allow some OCF flash modifiers to be installed.


3)    Advanced Mounting w/ Modifiers

a.     #FCMR (Flash Mount / Riser / Extender) is designed to allow you to increase the flash or OCF height above the traditional Boomerang height by 2.5” inches by installing the riser plate. The first step is to unbolt the flash mounting plate from the Boomerang Arm with the supplied Allen keys. Next, install the #FCMR in place of the mounting plate. Then, remount the flash mounting plate to the top of the #FCMR. Now install either your flash cable, #CS2 Cold Shoe or other accessories to hold your OCF Flash such as #BLSA, #BLSA5A, #BLSA5S etc…


4)    Advanced Mounting for Better Balance and Modifiers

a.     #BLS3 (Aluminum Rosette with Cold Shoe and ¼-20 Mount) is designed to mount onto the flash mounting plate of the Boomerang and accept mounts such as #CS2, #BLSA, #BLSA5A, #BLSA5S. The machined rosette is a strong toothed rosette that firmly holds your flash and OCF in place. Anti-Rotation channels are milled into the Boomerang to keep the unit from twisting as well as on top of the #BLS3. Easily mount your accessory mount of choice with the ¼-20 screw and tilt the accessory back over the camera body. Next, use the joint on your OCF to tilt forward in a “Z” shape. This will significantly improve the balance of the entire unit by placing the center of gravity over the camera placing more weight on your forearms rather than fingertips. This mount also allows flash accessories like soft boxes to back up and allow your lens to get out in from without being blocked. In some cases, the #BLS3 paired with the #BLSA is all you will need for small OCF modifiers. This is the preferred set-up. Sometimes the #BLSA5A is paired with the #BLS3 for optimal height and balance. In this set-up the #FCMR isn’t typically required.

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