Paolo Cascio

Paolo Cascio

Paolo Cascio (PC)

From a young enthusiastic Chicago suburbanite photographer to Hollywood Camera Operator on major motion pictures, Paolo Cascio has accomplished an amazing reel and resume in his 30+ years of industry experience. Check out the first episode of "The Couch" features PC and get to know him better. We are proud to call him a friend and PMG Ambassador!

Paolo Cascio ProMediaGear Ambassador

Episode 01: "The Couch" Featuring Paolo Cascio

Gear List:


TR424L Pro-Stix 42 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod

BH1 Ball Head

GKJr. Katana Gimbal Head

PLC1DX2x L-Bracket (2)

BBGv2 Boomerang Flash Bracket

HB70 Left Hand Grip 

SS2P3 Quick Release Strap Adapter System


Canon 1DX-MKII (2)


Canon 11-24mm L-Series

Canon 17-40mm L-Series

Canon 24-70mm L-Series

Canon 70-200mm L-Series

Canon 1.4x

Sigma 150-600mm Sport

Sigma 1.4x


Canon 600 EX-RT Speedlights 

Quantum SC battery Packs

Profoto Softboxes, Umbrellas & Reflectors

Westcott Rapid Boxes & Reflectors

Additional Heads / Grip:

Benro S7 & S8 Fluid Heads

Manfrotto 509 Fluid Head

Mathews Stands

Cases / Bags:

Think Tank Photo Airport Roller Transporter

Think Tank Photo Shapeshifter

Think Tank Photo Logistics Manager 30

Think Tank Photo Production Manager 40 (2)

Think Tank Photo Hyrdophobia 70-200

Think Tank Photo Steroid Speedbelt

Think Tank Photo Modular Component System

Computer Gear:


G-Dock (2)

EV-ATC Drives

Lexar CFast & CF Cards

Hoodman & Lexar Card Readers


Canon Pro-10 Printer

Hahnemuhle Paper

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