Review of ProMediagear Gig Bag for Tripods, Cameras and Lenses

Posted by Tom on 10/16/2019 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES
Review of ProMediagear Gig Bag for Tripods, Cameras and Lenses
Whether you travel often or just go here and there to take photos and video, you often need some kind of gear to help you get your expensive equipment from point A to point B. And when you choose that gear, you want the best there is out there - at least, the best that you can afford. That’s a huge issue with a lot of camera gear is that it is so expensive and normally out of the reach of some consumers. It doesn’t always have to be that way, however, and with a little bit of searching and research, we can all have the best at a reasonable price.

Which is a good thing, too. Today, we want to tell you about an awesome piece of gear that we think you should get, if you are in need of a tripod bag and that is the ProMediaGear BAG01 Large Tripod Gear Gig Bag.

Easily one of the most well-made and durable options on the market, the ProMediaGear BAG01 is also affordable and versatile enough to meet most field uses. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about the ProMediaGear BAG01 and why we think you should give it a look if you’re in the market for an awesome tripod bag. We’ll also try to give you some idea of whether or not we think it is a good purchase. 

The ProMediaGear BAG01 is armed with a huge, durable shoulder strap and a long form factor that makes it perfect for accommodating tripods of multiple sizes. Beyond that, the compartmentalization within the bag is efficient and maximizes interior real estate for your gear and, particularly your precious gear such as lenses. Everything has plenty of space and nothing is rubbing or scraping up against one another. This kind of optimal layout is a trademark of genius of engineering by the ProMediaGear team.

Because different gear comes in varying weights, lengths, and shapes, the ProMediaGear BAG01 is flexible in its accommodation of this kind of variety while also giving you maximum protection for your stuff. That said, suppose you need a little bit more interior space to fit an especially large tripod? No problem at all as the removable dividers in the interior of the BAG01 make it easy to reconfigure space as needed on the fly.

Accompanying this is an expandable outside side pocket which can also provide users with added storage or protection for small equipment. The expandable outside pocket is also joined by a second pocket on the outside of the bag. Using in combination with the core storage area, these two pockets give most users more than enough space to store their gear and any ancillary equipment.
Interior of Photographer bag
The durable nylon exterior is buttressed by a soft, padded interior with the removable center divider, four Velcro dividers for interior customization, and a padded shoulder strap made out of tough, durable material. For ease of transport, the bag has carrying straps at the ends as well as top carrying handles. Measuring some 39 x 9 x 8 inches (99 x 23 x 20 centimeters), the ProMediaGear BAG01 is large enough to accommodate most gear but also light enough to transport without issue.

One of the best use cases we can think of for the ProMediaGear BAG01 is for that photographer or videographer that needs a bag that is quickly adaptable and capable of transporting large amounts of equipment in ease and with security. For those of us that work in the field a lot, the ProMediaGear option brings the best of durability and flexibility to bear. You cannot discount its easily configurable interior nor the myriad of ways that resourceful photographers can take advantage of that.

Additionally, the ballistic nylon material helps keep your gear protected while also providing you with a long product life in terms of wear and tear. You get a lightweight, durable fabric with a padded interior that provides just enough cushion without stealing valuable storage space away. Some bags can be too bulky and padded but everything about the ProMediaGear is just right. Where it will be easily useful is for those of us that have multiple tripods of varying sizes. Here, the ProMediaGear product truly demonstrates its ability to function across multiple functionality areas. While it is ideal for larger tripods, it is also suitable for smaller tripods or some combination or equipment sizes.

The theme of the day is user customization and the BAG01 meets that requirement at pretty much every turn. This also makes the bag particularly well suited for travel. Often when traveling, photographers and videographers have one thing in mind: Protecting their equipment. Not only is this a natural feeling, but also it is a logical one. Often this gear can cost thousands of dollars and you don’t want to leave the protection of that kind of thing up to something flimsy or shoddy. The nylon bag is durable enough for travel to any remote place, if possible, and should do fine as well as a stowaway luggage, just be sure not to leave valuables out of your sight.

You see, what you get with a lightweight bag you lose in terms of sturdy, hard construction. For delicate objects that need a lot of coddling and care, the ProMediaGear BAG01 may not be the best option on the market. Then again, it is not intended for that kind of use. The ProMediaGear product is a true work horse that is meant to be versatile, adaptable, and, above all, accessible to a wide range of customers. Professionals looking for an affordable, competitive solution to their camera storage issues really should put this at the top of their list. It checks off all of the right boxes and sacrifices very little.

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mark hanna
Date: 10/22/2019
great bag well built and thought out holds tripod with gimble head a mono pod and a whole lot more, ( also can carry two rifles and or shot guns just as well , just saying . 0

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