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SS2P4 Retrofit Quick Release Plug Adapter for 1 inch Strap

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Steps to attach SS2


Retrofit your current strap with less than 1 inch webbing to our SS2 Quick Release Adapter with ease!

To install, simply lay the mechanism over your strap webbing and push the pin through the hole and across to the other side. Open the loctite and place a small drop inside the threaded area. Insert the supplied screw and tighten. The screw will pull the pin snuggly into the other side of the strap. As an added measure of safety we manufactured the SS2P3 with (2) small additional set screws. Insert a drop of loctite into each hole and carefully install the small screws. That's it!! You may choose to leave the other mechanism on your strap or carefully remove it. The SS2P3 is compatible with the PMG Quick Release Strap System. Let nothing get in the way of your creativity, Get Shooting!

Made in the USA by photographers for photographers! We pride ourselves in being experienced photography professionals and design gear we would use. There's nothing more important than our customers' satisfaction. So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own Premium SS2P3 Quick Release Retrofit Adapter Today!!

SS2P3 Retrofit Quick Release Assembly Instructions (pdf)

SS2 Quick Release Strap Adapter Instructions 

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