Simon Phillips

Hi my name is Simon Phillips I'm 28 and I live in Perth, Western Australia where I've spent half of my life the other half was in England. I've always been into photography even from a early of age of just 4 years old when I got my first camera I have some of those photos today stored away in my trunk nice and safe. I've just been fascinated by the way the camera is able to capture things and beyond what we are able to see, Its also a great way of expressing myself and photography is me without it I'd be lost I just have a real passion for it. I also suffer from depression which comes from my Aspergers that I got diagnosed with just a few months ago and I found when I have a camera in my hands and I'm focusing on the shot all my worries go away and I feel normal and I don't get stressed out. What got me into doing this professionally is I used to ride motorbikes and I got into the racing scene at the local track in 2008, I started going up with a small compact camera when I was a marshal at the racing then I wanted more so in mid 2009 I got my first DSLR camera which was a Canon 1000D with kit glass this came to $974 at the time I thought it was crazy haha... Today I can spend that money on a lens or a tripod without thinking to much. I'm all self taught as well, and have gone along to workshops in the past only 4 or 5 and never got anything out of them plus I like to learn on my own from my mistakes. 

Simon Phillips ProMediaGear Ambassador

Gear List:


TR424L Pro-Stix 42 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod

PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate


Canon 1300D w/ Kit Lens

Hasselblad H5D


HC 50-110mm f/ 3.5~4.5
HC 150mm f/ 3.2n
Canon 2x vIII Extender


Yongnuo YN600EX-RT

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