Top 3 reasons why you need a custom-fitted camera plate

Posted by Aim Orallo on 2/10/2021 to PHOTO TIPS
Top 3 reasons why you need a custom-fitted camera plate

Most tripod head manufacturers include a camera plate. This accessory attaches to the bottom of the camera and secures the body to the tripod when in use. Besides generic plates, some companies that create a custom-fitted camera plate for certain bodies.

Some might argue that the Arca-Swiss plate included on their tripod is enough for their usage. It is without a doubt that this widely used plate system does a great job for photographers. However, there are instances wherein a custom plate is a better option. 

That being said, here are the benefits of using a custom-fitted plate for your camera.

Better camera fit

The best thing about Arca-Swiss plates is durability. These camera plates are usually made with a single-piece component. It means that the single block of aluminum or material does not have any weak point. 

These generic camera plates fit most of the cameras in the market. But if you want the best plate available, there are custom-fitted plates created for certain camera bodies.

For an instance, ProMediaGear has its own Canon R5 custom-fitted plate. It is designed to fit the camera perfectly. Once installed, it will feel like an extension of the body itself though it adds a little bit of height.

Some plates twist or slide when in use. Custom plates solve that problem by following the shape of the camera. No one wants to drop a thousand worth of gear right?

Ease of use

Regular camera plates do a great job fitting into the majority of camera systems. But not every camera is made the same and that’s where another problem comes in.

These generic plates sometimes block access to the battery compartment and the memory card slot. But with a custom-fitted camera plate, these factors are considered during the entire design process. 

Using one gives the peace of mind while shooting. You will not have to worry about removing the camera plate whenever you need to change a battery or if the card slot is located at the bottom.

Besides having easier access to slots, manufacturers add extra features that help when shooting. 

For example, the ProMediaGear Canon R5 plate is compatible with ProMediaGear flash brackets, L brackets, camera straps, and holders. 

Take sharper images 

You might be thinking that a camera plate is only used to attach the camera body or lens to a tripod. But there is an advantage when using a custom plate when it comes to image quality.

Generic camera plates are sometimes small and fiddly to use. But there are custom plates that cover a larger area at the bottom of the camera. With this, the contact area between the tripod and the camera will be larger and more stable.

As mentioned earlier, a custom-fitted camera plate can be an extension of the body itself. It hugs the bottom of the camera and in return, it helps in taking a sharper photo.

It may not be noticeable at first, but this is true when taking landscape shots with a longer exposure time. Having a flimsy plate may shake the camera a little bit and will lead to softer photos.

An accessory must be there to help you take the best photograph possible. It is a shame if a flimsy generic plate will stop you from taking the “decisive shot.”

That’s it. These are the top three reasons why you need a custom-fitted camera plate. It is more expensive than the regular quick release plates, but the benefits easily outweigh the cost. 

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Jeff Camp
Date: 2/14/2021
Make one with a big D-ring and I’d get one in a heartbeat.
Tom Fudala
Date: 2/15/2021
Certainly We'll look into that.

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