BLELB400 Elinchrom Cage Accessory Breakdown

Posted by Tony Papa on 11/22/2016 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES
 BLELB400 Elinchrom Cage Accessory Breakdown
Elinchrom Portable ELB400 Aluminum Cage BLELB400 with Accessory Overview
by: Tony Papa, November 2016

Taking a portable power pack such as the ELB400 out in the field has always beena blessing and a curse. It’s definitely a better option than figuring out how to take my studio strobes into the field. I also know that it offers you an amazing opportunity to assist in the capture of great shots, by having more power, and better modifiers that my speed lights but can it truly be portable enough and robust enough to get where I need to take it? The Elinchrom ELB400 Light system when battle tested, showed us it’s a beast of a system with power to spare.
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