Canon 90D DSLR Camera, what we think about it, our review

Posted by Tom on 9/29/2019
Canon 90D that looks like top shelf offering Crop Sensor DSLR from Canon with the 32 megapixel sensor that seems to be shaking up the camera game for Canon in this niche. 
4K Video seems to be standard now so canon has no excuse not to include any more, but they found a way to limit video in another way, for a true professional filmmaker, they took the option of 24 frames per second out, it's nowhere on the menu.  Till now we have not hear of any reason why they have done so, we're left to theorize on our own, and do think that was a protective move by canon, as this camera is so good.  I enjoy the body much more than 6Dmark II and that's to added controls on the body and the joystick.
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