7 Must-have photography accessories you should buy

Posted by Aim Orallo on 2/16/2021 to PHOTO TIPS
7 Must-have photography accessories you should buy

Photography can get expensive as your skills progress and your kit expands. But, you do not have to spend a grand on these must-have photography accessories.

Buying a camera and a lens signals the start of your photography journey. You can easily go out and take amazing photos with that setup alone. 

However, some of the must-have accessories for photographers are affordable, yet bring a lot to elevate your shots.

Here are some accessories that are worth buying.

White Balance Card Set

There is a lot of white balance cards available online. These sheet cards come in three pieces. It includes 18% gray, white, and black balance cards.

Using a white balance card is easy. First, you need to take a photo of the subject with the white balance card beside it. Then continue with the usual photoshoot.

Once done, open the image in Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, or any image processing software that you use. Click on the white balance and eyedropper tool then select the gray card.

That’s it. The image will have the perfect white balance without fiddling with the sliders. This often works with portraits. But, if you want to achieve a different kind of mood or tone, then skip the white balance card.

All in all, this little kit should always be part of any must-have camera accessories list. It saves time in balancing colors. Plus, it is applicable in several situations.

Camera Bag

Some camera stores include a bag upon purchasing a new camera set. But these camera bags do not give ample protection. Most of the time, these giveaway bags have thin paddings or the dividers are not enough.

The good thing is there are a lot of camera bags to choose from. Manufacturers like LowePro, Crumpler, and Think Tank all have different styles to choose from. There are budget brands like Tamrac as well.

But for those who have a lot of money to spare, the Billingham Hadley Pro is a great choice among photographers.

The main advantage of having an excellent camera bag is protection. These bags have thick padding while having a lot of compartments. This way, it is easier to segregate bodies, lenses, and accessories.

Camera Straps

The camera strap that comes with your camera is uncomfortable. It gets the job done. But after several hours, it can strain the neck. Luckily, there are camera straps that solve this issue.

The BlackRapid Sport Sling straps hang the camera by your side. It frees up your neck and makes long hours of photoshoot bearable.

If sling straps are not your thing, holster systems such as the ProMediaGear SH1BK might be the one for you. It hangs the camera to your waist just like a gun.

This reduces shoulder strain and removes unnecessary distractions from camera straps.

Lens Hood

There is a debate between a lens hood and a protective lens filter. Some would argue that a lens hood protects your lens better than a filter. Besides, adding a cheap piece of glass in front of your lens may affect the image sharpness.

This time, a lens hood joins the must-have photography accessories club due to several factors.

First, it protects the lens from dings and drops. The hood protrudes to the front covering the front element of the lens. Second, it reduces the amount of lens fare when shooting under harsh sunlight.

Lens filters protect gears but it might affect eh image quality whereas lens hoods do not. However, using a lens filter is not bad. Just make sure that you get one from reputable brands like Hoya and Kenko.

Spare batteries

Taking photos then running out of juice is one of the worst things to happen. First-party batteries should be your first choice when getting one. It lasts longer and compatibility is not a problem.

However, there are good third-party batteries from Wasabi, RavPower, and many more. There are smart cameras that detect if a counterfeit battery is used. But, for its price, you cannot go wrong with tossing some in your bag.

Batteries are the heart of your camera. Without one, it will be an expensive paperweight. That being said, it is worthy to be part of any must-have accessories for photographers list. An essential one to be exact.

Sturdy Tripod

This might be the most expensive must-have photography accessory. That is for a good reason. Using flimsy tripods may do more harm than good. Once a tripod fails, your camera body and lens might suffer.

Getting a tripod such as the ProMediaGear TR344 Pro costs you a lot. But, it literally will outlast your gear. These tripods are built like a tank. 

Whether for portraits, landscapes, or any genre, an excellent tripod can easily help you nail that shot.

Pair it with an excellent ball head from ProMediaGear and you are good to go.

Walking Shoes

Okay, this is not a direct “must-have camera accessory”. But, it is an essential tool for you. Walking around in cities or standing for long hours during a wedding is not a pleasant experience.

However, you can reduce leg strain and foot pains with a great pair of walking shoes. Topo, Skechers, Adidas, Nike, and a lot of manufacturers have several models to choose from.

For those who are into landscape photography, you might need something tougher to wear in any environment.

Photography is a fun hobby or a life-changing career. It can be tough at times yet brings a lot of fun. But like any other activity, these must-have photography accessories elevate the whole experience. 

Featured image courtesy of Marceilo Moreira/Pexels

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